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Our Vision

To refresh & restore your purpose in God

Our Mission

TFAChurch lives to empower you in the Spirit by equipping you with tools necessary to grow.

Code of Honor

Jesus is center of all

Everything we do is prioritized that one comes to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We LEAD by first BEING

We believe that loudest message we preach is our lifestyle. In discipleship, more is caught than taught.

We honor God by honoring people

We value people and understand that before they are church members, they are God's people. 

We believe in contributing not consuming

We thrive in participating in the presence of God, giving to the mission of God, and helping others in their walk with God.

We believe doing less is doing more

We focus on mastering what God has called us to do by being diligent as well as attentive in our ministries and services. 

We innovate without compromise

We believe we can adopt new methods while holding fast to our identity and beliefs.

We strive for excellence not perfection

We serve to the best of our abilities understanding God will bridge the gap.

We devote ourselves to thrive

We strive to thrive in our relationship with God, family, church, and community.

We remember to drink

We take time to stop and refresh ourselves in prayer as well as devotion with God so we can continue serving others creating an opportunity for change. 

We protect our testimony

We live a life that pleases God, being examples to others, leaving lasting impression because in the end...all we have is our testimony. 

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